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Welcome to our Online Istikhara Service in Pakistan, a platform dedicated to offering guidance and support through the sacred practice of Istikhara. Under the better management of Professor Sajjad Ali Shah Kazmi, we provide free Istikhara facilities intended at helping you seek clarity and heavenly guidance for life’s choices. Whether you’re facing choices or uncertainties, our team is here to assist you on your journey. Grip the spiritual understanding and knowledge the rule of Istikhara with us.

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Istikhara services are online for everyone according to his/her need. Contact us anytime result oriented istikhara

Manpasand Shadi

Manpasand Shadi ka behtreen wazifa aur taweez hum se lai. Yeh bohat logo ke kam a chuka hai. Contact us for Pasand Ki Shadi

Rohani ilaj Online

We are providing amazing online rohani ilaj services regarding religious matters. Contact us for Ruhani ilaj for Kids, Family ETC.

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Rohani Ilaj, known as spiritual healing, uses prayers and spiritual practices to help with physical, mental, or emotional problems. It’s like seeking comfort and relief through spiritual beliefs and rituals. People turn to this when they want extra help beyond regular medicine for feeling better or finding peace during tough times. It’s about believing that spiritual things can make a positive difference in how we feel and cope with life’s difficulties.

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Manpasand Shadi : 


Seeking a love marriage? Embrace spiritual practices like wazifa, guided by Quranic verses and prayers. Consult religious scholars for guidance and make heartfelt prayers for Allah’s blessings in finding a compatible partner. Approach these practices with respect and alignment with Islamic principles for a fulfilling marriage.

Wazifa for Quick Marriage: 


Seeking a quick marriage? Some individuals turn to specific prayers or supplications (wazifa) from the Islamic tradition. While there’s no single prescribed wazifa explicitly for a rapid marriage, seeking Allah’s guidance and blessings is encouraged. One commonly recited prayer is Surah Al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112), which emphasizes the oneness of Allah. Perform such practices with genuine faith, patience, and a belief in Allah’s timing. Also take practical steps and seek guidance from knowledgeable sources.

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Majority of peoples are facing issues but they did not have a confidence to discuss or share these issues within family as well as in prof. so don’t hesitate email us with detail we will reply back with solution.

Why Choose Our Legal Services

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Legal Compliance

Our Istikhara online solution strictly adheres to legal frameworks and Islamic guidelines, ensuring a lawful and authentic process.

Certified Expertise

Backed by experienced scholars and experts, our service provides guidance rooted in deep knowledge and commitment to religious principles.

Confidentiality and Trust

We prioritize your privacy, handling your concerns with utmost discretion and respect, fostering trust throughout the Istikhara process.

What Our Clients Say

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"I am Kamil, and I've availed Istikhara services that have been immensely helpful in navigating marriage decisions. The guidance provided was thorough and enlightened. Additionally, the spiritual healing sessions (Rohani Ilaj) have brought a positive change in my life. I highly recommend their services for those seeking clarity and spiritual support."
"میں نیلم ہوں اور میں نے اسٹخارہ کی خدمات حاصل کیں۔ ان کی معاونت سے میری زندگی میں شادی کے امور میں روشنی آئی۔ میں نے ان کی روحانی علاج کی خدمات بھی حاصل کی ہیں جو میرے لیے بہت مددگار ثابت ہوئے۔ ان کی معاونت سے میرے زندگی میں نیا رنگ آیا ہے۔" Amazing services done by them.
"मैं अकबरी हूँ और मैंने इस्तिखारा सेवाओं का लाभ उठाया है। उनकी सलाह ने मेरी शादी के फैसलों में बहुत सहायक साबित हुई है। मैंने उनके रोहानी इलाज की सेवाएं भी प्राप्त की हैं जो मेरे लिए बहुत ही उपयोगी साबित हुई हैं। उनकी मदद से मेरे जीवन में नई रौशनी आई है।"
Seeking divine guidance for life’s crucial decisions? Embark on a spiritual journey with Istikhara Online, a platform dedicated to providing complimentary Istikhara services under the expert guidance of Professor Sajjad Ali Shah Kazmi. Let our experienced scholars help you seek clarity and peace of mind for your choices, empowering you to navigate life’s crossroads with confidence and faith.

Istikhara Online Free : 

In times of uncertainty, let Istikhara Online be your beacon of light. Our complimentary Istikhara services, guided by the esteemed Professor Sajjad Ali Shah Kazmi, offer you a divine compass to navigate life’s intricate decisions. Uncover the wisdom of the universe and embrace the serenity of knowing that your choices are aligned with your highest purpose. Transform your journey with Istikhara Online and experience the profound power of divine guidance.

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Desclamair :

As Prof. Sajad Ali Shah, I want to clarify that while our Istikhara services, Rohani Ilaj, and guidance for matters like Manpasand Shadi aim to offer helpful solutions, their success varies person to person. We don’t assure a 100% outcome as results depend on individual circumstances beyond our control. Our support is based on sincere efforts and spiritual guidance, but effectiveness isn’t universally guaranteed.